About Our Practice and Our People
We are a very nice family medicine group.  Nebraska Nice.

Our vision is based on service; a patient centered cooperation with our doctors,
PA, nurses, and support staff helping you to be the best you can.  That includes
your mind, body, and spirit, for yourself, your family, and your community.  Cure
when we can, comfort when we can't.

Dr's. Mantler and Naegele started Papillion Family Medicine in 2001.   We wanted
to do something different than the 'big corporations' that run most of the medical
care in the Omaha area.   Dr. Lastovica joined us in 2014, sharing common goals
of personal patient care.

We are an independent group, meaning that although we have staff privileges at
Methodist, Bergan, Midlands (and Dr. Naegele is an Assistant Associate
Professor at UNMC), we are not 'owned' by any of the health corporations, such as
CHI, etc.  

Our in-house specialists include Dr. Dobleman, ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat), and
Dr. Ryberg, General Surgery.  We are different from the 'big chain clinics' in that we
can still refer to the best specialists in the area, not just who belongs to a
particular brand of hospital.

We are a part of Papillion Health Plaza, a group of health professionals that
includes Papillion  Family Dentistry, Premier Fitness, ProCare3 Physical Therapy,
Manahan Eye Associates (ophthalmology), Midwest Health Psychology, and
Midwest Health.