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555 Fortune Drive
Papillion, NE 68046

Fax: 402-502-3606
(Special Fax for Dr. Raj: 877-992-0035)
1. No Refills of medicine are made after hours, so call
your pharmacy or the clinic when open, not the cells;
No Narcotics are prescribed over the phone!;
3. If you
Can't Wait for daylight to be seen,
Go to the nearest Emergency Room or Express Care;
4. If you still can't wait to ask your doctor a medical
Dr. Lastovica: 402-915-3149
Dr. Mantler: 402-650-0581
Dr. Naegele: 402-650-0583
Dr. Raj: 402-739-9005
For Emergencies Call 911 First!
For other after hours instructions:
How To Contact Us: