Our Services

We offer a wide range of services from infant to adults, including prenatal and end of life care. Physicals, women’s health exams, laboratory services and x-ray are available on site. We are able to do minor surgical procedures such as removal of warts, skin tags, and cancerous skin lesions. Conditions we treat include but are not limited to the following: heart disease, hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. We treat injuries from sports, Motor Vehicle accidents, and Worker Compensation. Our providers are able to admit to every major hospital in the area. Our on-site specialists include Thomas Dobleman, MD, ENT and the team of providers from Midwest Allergy and Asthma Clinic: Drs. Brownell, Nelson, Nilsson, Segura and Shakir.

Papillion Health Plaza

We are an independent part of Papillion Health Plaza. The Plaza is comprised of a group of various health professionals including: Papillion Pediatric Dentistry, FitMade Training and Nutrition, Fyzical Therapy, Manahan Eye Associates, Midwest Health Psychology, and Holistic Family Healthcare.

Individual Services

Women's Health Exams
Prenatal Care
On-Site Labs
End of Life Care


We accept all insurance plans except Nebraska Medicaid. We work with you to contain your health care costs to a range you will find affordable.Contact us for further information.